Steampunk mode: For her vest

Presenting….. My vest!

Okay, now this piece of art is really a piece of work. Let me tell you, I almost gave up on this vest lol!

My concept was derived from Eric's vest. Half altered, and half basic. But, knowing me of course I went all out.

Would you believe me if I tell you that this vest looked like this before?

And yes I bought it from Value Village for $3.99 Canadian dollar around June 2017.

So, I was debating in my mind if I should go white themed, since I'm the bride-to-be or not. In the end, it was a combination of Eric's vest concept with a touch of white.

Basically, the approach that I've used on the purple and blue side of the vest was the same as the previous vest that I made. The difference would be the finishing touches.

Cogs + safety pins + old bracelets + glue

I knew that my old bracelets will have use in the future and here they are! I bought them couple years ago from Shop Miss-A.

Safety pins were from Dollarama and the cogs were a gift from me. Eric said he bought them from Wish.

Cogs + die cut butterflies + multi-layered chain necklace + fancy black buttons + all-purpose heavy duty glue

Here I have used the same cogs from Wish then left-over butterflies. Multi-layered chain necklace from Dollarama, around $3.00 CA. The fancy black buttons came from Fabricland.

I have attached the necklace using the safety pins from Dollarama.

Stamped gold cogs and butterflies + brooch gold fish + leather strap + die cut butterflies

Back part: unused necklace

This is the outfit for him and for her 💙💜

Steampunk mode: Altered vest!

This is the craziest project that I have done so far, dealing with fabrics!

Ok so I came up with this project due to our engagement photoshoot coming up this July 2017. Our motif is partly steampunk vibed.

It was also a last minute decision for us to really go for a shoot with well costumes. So, with less than 2 months to go, I quickly used all my brain cells to brainstorm.

I am also making of course my own costume, but for the sake of not being scattered brain on this post, I will concentrate on Eric’s vest first.

Here are the main materials that I have used. Prices are as of the time of purchase in Canadian dollars on June 2017. Tax not included on the price.

1.) Men’s vest: Value village $6.99

2.) Leather belt: Value Village $2.99

3.) Silver heart embellishment: Value Village around $2

4.) Fabric glue: Fabricland $14.99

Here are the materials that I have in stock from left over crafts. Basically random embellishments, cogs, cog dies, cog stencil, molding paste, crackle paste, acrylics and of course hot glue and hair dryer.

You will also see additional embellishments like the old watch, which was Eric’s grandfather’s watch. I have also used my suspender (yes my suspender) and unused necklaces.

So, first I started by using the white Gesso as my base. I could have used a fabric dye, but I’m using what I have now on hand.

Next, after 3 coats of Gesso, used the cog stencil with the crackle paste and placed the design on one side of the vest only. Dried it off and colored with our purple and royal blue theme and of course some browns and gold to make the colors pop.

Then I was design stuck. I had a lot of ideas going through my mind at this point so I had to walk away and clear my head.

When I got back to designing, I die cut cogs and painted it with a dark brown acrylic paint and also used a gold metallic acrylic paint to add more details to the pieces.

I glued the cogs along the edge of the vest and at the right pocket.

Next, I have painted the suspenders blue and glued them with the fabric glue from the back to the front of the vest.

Afterwards, I used an old brown belt from Value Village to add more details and use the ring of it to hook on the embellishments. The chain necklaces are clung using the ring from the belt on the front of the vest.

Then I have intertwined cogs along the chain necklace. For the buttons, I used the cogs again and glued them on the buttons.

Each necklaces were attached to every button hole and have the cross hang a little bit.

Also for the last touch, Eric has his grandfather’s clock and used the vest’s clips to hang it on the vest.

And there you go!

Now, off to do my vest.

DIY GIANT Dreamcatcher

A dream is a wish, your heart makes..

Yes, I’m back again with my DIY project. The past weeks had been busy, but I did a few projects aside from my wedding crafts.

For this DIY project, it was a birthday project for a close co-worker of mine. Her fave colour is turquoise.

Although, there might be a few variations of turquoise, I played the colors that closely resemble the color.

To start of, I have enlisted below the main things that I have used in this project. The stuff were bought June 2017, so the prices listed are of the current time this blog is posted. 

A.) Hula hoope from the dollar store: CA $2

From Michael’s

B.) Bernat Handricrafter Chunky yarn (12oz / 340g): CA $11.99

C.) Creatology Feathers: CA $4.99

D.) Craftsmart Satin Acrylic Paint in Turquoise: CA $1.19

E.) 5in CurlQ Letter: CA $4.99

G.) Creatology Pony beads 580 pcs: CA $6.99

From Canadian Tire

F.) Jute heavy duty (200in or 61m): CA $1.99 ea

I apologize for the misalphabeltized letters! All prices don’t include the tax.

So, to start I altered the letter M. Secondly, I wrapped a 9in diameter wire with the jute. 

Placed the letter M into the circle that looked like this.

This is the frontpart.

This is the back part.

Then moving over to the hula hoop that is around 28inch in diamater. I had to re-do the design on the hoop. 

This turned out better than my first design.

And finally, to finish off the dream catcher, my favorite part, bling-ering it!

I love how the jute has a little curl, it’s the first time that I’ve used it and im liking it!

All the laces I used were some left overs from the things I bought from Fabricland when they are on sale.

I’ve also glued embellishments on one of the laces and it gave more beauty to the lace.

One thing that I’d like to change in the future dream catcher project will be the type of hoope/ring. The plastic hula hoope did not retain it’s shape which was not a big deal.

This is the second dream catcher that I’ve made. I would say, it took me 12 hours to finish everything, including the re-do of the design that I had mentioned earlier.

Here’s the  picture of the birthday party of me (in black) and Mia with the dreamcatcher! Her party theme was bohemian style. Let me tell ya, it was a great and fun party!

The first one was a farewell gift to a close and sweet co-worker of mine. We need to bring something that describes her and that’s why I came up with a dream catcher.

Knowing her, Larrei, she really reached for her dreams and “catch” them.

Her favorite colors were red and green.


And this is the short clip of me giving the dream catcher to Larrei!

The box beside Larrei was also a DIY cardboard box that we used to write down our messages for her and storage of our farewell gifts.

I love these projects, they did test my creativity, patience and endurance.

“You’ve got to RUN for your dreams, for it is OUT THERE waiting for you with your name on it. Nobody can take your dreams away from you.”

Can’t draw? Do a mixed media..

Surprisingly enough, I do a better job on mixing different mediums onto a canvas. They all end up as abstract arts for the most part, but they make a great sense of pride once they are done.

Mixed media wasn’t always my first choice, I was perfecting my sketching and drawing skills. However, I was too impatient.. so for some reason, I came across to this weird looking canvas on Google.

It caught my attention due to the fact that it looked easy to do. Also, I learned to like the vintage and steampunk feel that these artworks had.

So, I ended up from a liker to that lover of mixed media arts. Here are my own artworks, might not be as perfect as the pros but I love creating them. Most inspirations are brought by life experiences on the ups and the downs.

Save the Date

What do you think these envelopes are made out of?

A few people that I worked with asked me the same question. And I said, Magazines!

Oh yes! It’s free and easy to do. These are what I will be using in mailing my Save the Dates!

I started by cutting a magazine page into 8in x 8in paper using my Trim and Score Board by We R.

This tool is very handy in cutting papers quickly and precisely. Of course, you could use whatever you have in hand.

Also, let me know if you guys wanted a vid of how I made the envelopes!

They look so pretty and you won’t regret spending your dime for something that will be thrown away. Sweet!

And of course, what’s the use of the envelope without the important invite.

Here’s a short vid of my first Save the Date draft.

​I used the Gimp software to design the invitation. 

I will be using purple, blue and gold foils to give color and sparkle to the letters. In order for the foil to stick on the letters, I’m using the Minc applicator by Heidi Swapp.

The paper that I’m using is a white 8.5 by 11 in white cardstock​. Bought a 250 pieces package from Staples, very cheap! 

My plan is to print 4 Save the Dates in one paper. Cut them into 4 postcard size pieces, 4 1/4 in by 5 in.

Then at the back of every card will be a message to our guests. 

I will be posting the finished project as soon as I receive the foils that I’m using in the mail. 

I can’t wait!