Using a modeling clay with Prima IOD Moulds

Hi everyone!

For this video and blog, I had accidentally experimented using a dollar store modelling clay with my IOD moulds. My altered vase project was a perfect opportunity for me to do it.

I guess the point of this blog is, will I use this clay again for my projects? Yes I would! But the downside on using this is that it will never dry. What I mean to say is, it will remain soft even after adhering it on your chosen surface.

This altered vase project was done for decorative purpose and experimentation only. But I was happy with the result. As long as the vase will not be touched by people, the molded clay should retain it’s shape.

To see this clay in action please watch my video and pardon myself when I say modelling paste instead of modelling clay. lol!

Have a great day everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my blog or watch my vid. Hopefully this was helpful to you.