My artsy way of life..

Yes, I love doing artsy and crafty things! My name is Clynis, Cly for short. Welcome to my blog!

Just a little about me here. This Filipino and soon to be a Canadian citizen has a strong passion for art. In fact, it is what I believe to be the purpose of my existence. It might be dramatic, but making an art ignites me and sometimes keeps me awake at night.

I’m being honest when I say it keeps me awake at night, sometimes. That is why I started this blog because I wanted to share my art and hope to inspire people out there who are as passionate as I am.

I knew I was meant to be artistic. I am finicky when it comes to details and there HAS to be something creative and unique about the things I make. I wanted to see people saying “Wow! You made that?”, which I have been getting a lot lately, #success!

Anyway, what you would expect on my blog are arts that will fall under Mixed Media and DIY crafts or projects. Also, I am very excited to share my biggest project that I’m DIYing yet, my upcoming wedding!

Moreover, you will see techniques that I have used and learned through the duration of my works. You might have seen these types of projects from different artists/crafters, but these are my own version of art.

I don’t know how many times did the word “art” appeared on this page, but I would leave you guys to it and hopefully you find inspiration on my works.

Thank you for visiting!