Altered Mask

First altered masks
Altered masks as part of a wedding gift wrap

It was two days before we hit the road to Winnipeg, MB to attend my then boyfriend’s close friends. I was stuck on the question, how should I wrap our wedding presents?

I knew that it had to be a bit artistic, because the bride-to-be likes art (I think). So, without any solid idea, we went to Micheal’s.

As I was searching for interesting things in the store, basically brainstorming while I wanted to buy everything (lol), I came across with these masks. For Him and Her.

Then it struck me. Eureka! Masks ala Mixed Media.

I came to think that this better turn out right or we would just end up buying a ready made gift wrapper, which I absolutely refused.

So, I took the masks home and started sticking the pendants onto the white canvas. Let them dry through the night, then the next day, I started with these.

For himIMG_3056

Slowly, working to put colors. I wasn’t sure what the couple’s fave colors were. Got my answers from my fiance, Eric and continued to color them.

the blue mask for him

for her mask

After countless times of blending the colors to my satisfaction, I finished the masks with so much mess on our hardwood flooring. Yep, I did my craft at the living room. You guys would know my fiance’s reaction when he knew about it.

Anyway, I’m happy as to how the project turned out. I secured the masks on the gift box using the ties that came with the masks and gorilla glue. They were secure enough to travel with us for more than 8 hours in the car.

The newly weds, especially the bride felt special on how their gift was specially wrapped.

I have added embellishments on the masks once they had the colors on. I put a lace ribbon around the box and tada!

Aesthetically pleasing, that you don’t want to open it up!



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