Bridesmaid’s bouquet

Flowers for my ladies.

Paper roses, paper roses.. This Filipino song was playing in my mind while doing this project.

Loved how this turned out, my DIY paper roses “first draft”. The flowers are made out of old book pages and music sheets that I printed on the blank pages of my sketch pad.

First, I thought that it was a cool twist to use music sheets to make paper flowers. I have seen a few pictures from Google and thought that I gave it a shot. So, I made my own music sheet.

I have downloaded a piano music image with decent pixels.

music sheet.JPG

I wanted the old look paper, so I went and submerged each music sheet into a tray filled with coffee and water. I tried tea and water at first, but the coffee stained the paper better.

Making of the paper roses
Making papers look old-ish.

I’d say, this is an inexpensive way of getting flowers for a short amount of time that they are being used. Plus, my bridesmaids can keep it if they wanted to.

And, for my sister, my Maid of Honor, I made her a different set of bouquet since she is also wearing a different dress for the wedding.

I put an embellishment on the center of each flower. These took longer to make because I had to make sure that the bling is put on securely. So, this is how it came out.

Maid of honor bouquet
My maid of honor’s bouquet.

This set of flowers are a bit special because I used a piano music sheet of me and my fiance’s first dance song: Say you won’t let go. Even though I cut the sheet into squares and nobody would seem to figure what song is in them, I think it’s a very nice personal touch.

And finally, here’s my sister’s finished bouquet. I added a few more embellishments and die-cut butterflies.

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