My Wedding DIY

She proposed… wait what!?

I mean, he proposed. Now what?ring

After that blissful night, comes the truth about the wedding plans (insert horror music). I had a dream starting at my teenage years about my wedding.

I think most women have their fantasy weddings. That’s right! I wanted a princessy-type wedding. But, once my fiance, Eric, and I sat down OH boy! Β We have to be smart with our planning (Eric is a practical guy.. me? hmm nevermind).

Planning is not my forte, needless to say Eric guided my every idea on this process. Then, my creative switch went on! Ding! I will make all the DIY aspects of the wedding.

Yep! From the invitations to the centerpieces and maybe alter my shoe! Lol!

So join me as I create to life the ideas that are brewing in my head.